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This counseling that combines our experience in tax, corporate, business law and features of personal and family asset management, is oriented to support our clients in the creation of ownership structures; management and distribution of their assets and income, tailored to their needs.


We accompany the preparation of the rules of management and distribution of assets and income, as well as any other aspect that they want to regulate, through regulations or family protocols.


The purpose of this planning is for the property structure to offer protection against security matters, personal situations, aspects of family law and situations that affect the management and distribution of income derived from assets and productive enterprises. We include the consideration and management of tax issues that affect both the creation of the planning structure and the management thereof.


This practice includes support in the diagnosis of the situation of the personal and/or family assets and income; designing and executing of the planning structure including the regulations or family protocol and a subsequent family office service, which is understood as the support in the day-to-day management of the legal, accounting and tax compliance aspects of the companies and of the people involved in the planning structure.

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